Sorter produkter efter producent Wichard

5 Gode grunde til at vælge Wichard

  1. Garanteret driftsikkerhed
  2. Fremragende mekanisk bestandighed
  3. Bevist rust resistance
  4. Certificeret produktions process
  5. Bred rækkevidde af produkter

Wichard overholder Afaq ISO 14001 standard se deres seneste katalog her

"Wichard is an ISO 14001 certified company. In this context Wichard, represented by its director, promises to:
- Respect all applicable environmental requirements
- Take active measures to prevent pollution.
- Design products that preserve environment and are recyclable.
> Reducing the manufacturing of sub-standard items, especially waste.
> Producing no more than required.
- Minimize the environmental impact of its sites by:
> limiting the consumption of raw materials and energy;
> using clean manufacturing processes;
> avoiding the discharge of any material that may pollute the soil, air or waterways
and treating its waste effectively.
- Involve its partners and collaborators in its improvement process. " 




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